Often we find ourselves questioning love. We try to give it an attitude, a personality, a “look”, a gender..etc., but what is really love?

Is love something or is it someone?

Is love a processed thought our inner being insists we feel or is it a true emotion?

What is love? 

The River

I sip from the Jordan River a clear glass but it’s not filtered praying that my God delivers
       from this broken heart I have suffered, wondering who will love me…

I trail around the green pastures that’s lacking it’s usual comfort,

The grass that is always greener seems to be a bit sicker…

The rain that sprinkles down lightly is moody and quite windy,

I wonder why did I think so highly of the moon that has always darkened me?

I fall for the silver lining that brightened it’s cracked smile, 

Wondering why no one could see the silver lining of the moon but me?

The grass became a little greener and the rain was now a sprinkle,

The ray of the moon rested as it flirted upon my skin,

Rainbows filled my vision as the rays of the moon left me,

I knew as the moonlight faded, my savior at last had found me.

The Mind of Kiana


I see the pain that you try to hide behind the mask of that perfect smile
But you can’t hide from the prying of the eyes that emotions have been swept by the wade of the raging tides 
You try to be angry and let that be the only emotion that slides but your pride isn’t enough to hold up on the demeanor that you’re feeling tough

But that feeling is just a feeling yeah love, I know it’s rough put that middle finger up and stop giving up
Give in to the feelings that you’re tired of feeling only then is when that caged bird will start singing
Even with the message there’s a little stinging but let the singe of the message be preyed upon like the Lord’s Prayer and hope that every word you’re fearing is held sacred by the air that you’re releasing 
You’re not accustomed to the feeling of feeling special so you take the genuineness of sincerity and try to make it extra
Killing yourself trying to fit a image

Fitting image that hides every blemish,
But every blemish that you cover up makes you forget you so you keep searching for what you fawning for thinking that it will complete you but little do you know you’re the only one that makes you whole 
Looking in the shadows for someone to love you but the only thing you find is the old you now you’re thinking that maybe the old you is the better you, regretting everything that has created the new you but hold your head up there’s a leprechaun waiting for you and if you open your eyes there’s something special he has to show you
“Mirror mirror on the wall where is perfection that deceits us all” and the only thing that comes up is your reflection
Now you finally see your own perfection 

Every blemish that you try to hide 

Every fault that you try to deny 

They’re staring right at you but it’s at this moment that you realize that you’ve been complete your entire life. KianaLStacks

Embrace You 

I seem to be starring at the sky more than I am ahead and everyone come across tell me to focus on what lies ahead but silly as my mind is it likes to play games blurring the images of the visions that are right before me. Every time I look down I feel the fire that I’m walking on fulfilling the words that my grandmother’s mind is on, thinking that I’m choking every angel that walks by, snatching every Jesus chain off the Christians that run by,

thinking I’m embracing the faces of the demons that I see every day and maybe she’s right.

 I dropped out of the fight and everything that she fears is the power of my life, but why should i condemn every demon and persons that don’t believe in the after life with a happy ending when they’re the only ones who stick around to see if I make it through the night surviving the restless sleep that I have to fight with every night. Midnight comes and the witching hour approaches poking fun at me who is the Holy Ghost you keep praying to every day hoping that one day he’ll see you and you will keep your faith. Go to church kneel and crossing your body at every hill while you still have these Christians whispering in your ears stating every thought that your heart has ever feared why do I keep praying hoping to correct the errors of my ways and that on judgement day God will look me in face as if he knows me and not another body he created and decided I’m not to play with,
even though he is the one who closes his ears not even listening to the struggle that I’m bringing to him. You know what Stacks you keep looking in these mirrors thinking that one day the face you see will become clearer but who are you kidding you know you’re not any different listening to the people who you think are your people tell you that you’re better than your worse fear but not really yeah Kiana we know the truth the only reason you fear it is because it’s really you. The monster you see when you’re looking in the mirror it’s the same poison you’re breathing keeping your heart from being cured. But Doc am I really ill? 
I understand that you think that I really am slipping because I fail to accept that everyone is equal and that the history we teach our children is not all bullshit. You mean to tell me that you believe everything that is written? Just because some guy with a tie and a British accent says “Yes this is how this really happened now sit back and continue listening to this history lesson” because it’s black and white and apparently there is no gray in the area well doctor it’s sad to say but I think I’ve found your error. You’re here trying to diagnose me with schizophrenia and an emotional disorder because I refuse to be you being brainwashed denying everything I could ever think of. Nutty professor how may I help you today? “Well Stacks today I’m here to tell you that 1+1=2″well no shit Sherlock the one plus one is me and the equality of that is a brainwashed you stop trying to tell me that I’m ill and out of order with your ass fitted suit you’re still under construction but you don’t see me sniffing your ass and tying you down telling you “Darling you should go see a shrink because your suit is too tight” you advertise that smoking is bad for you and soon all of the skin your body has will fall off of you but after that power button clicks you go light one up and close your eyes while you drag on that nicotine puff we all hate the very thing we love because what’s considered poison is always good to us, be my addiction and conviction and when you’re done condemn me to whatever afterlife you feel like suits me. When it’s all said I’m the only one who has to look in the mirror and question myself about what I’ve done. 
It’s not the actions that we carry out that drives us crazy but the thoughts that eat our brain because of the movements we aren’t making. The voices that you hear you’re told that they’re not really there but how can someone tell you that what you think isn’t real? That’s all that they’re doing killing your inner motive so that you will not pursue them. They say that what you’re seeing and how you’re feeling isn’t real but how the hell can you see it if it’s not there and how can you think you feel something when your heart isn’t located near your brain so you tell me which one of us is really insane…. come on Doc you know that I’m right,

 now loosen up your tie and have your self a good night. Embrace those inner voices that you keep hearing and stop blocking out the feelings that you know you’re feeling. There don’t you feel a little better? It’s not earth if you can’t give yourself a piece of Heaven. KianaStacks

My Addiction

Midnight flower.I watched it bloom in the mid nights hour,

Petals forming periodically from the midnights shower,

Giving the tears of the night, 

Of the night, 

A midnight power.

A midnight power seduced by the goddess of the hour,

Hypnotized by the submergence of her flower,

Thick like blood,

Sweeter than the finest wine,

The goddess of the hour was still waiting to be dined upon,

So I dined upon the goddess of the hour,

Bathing in the goddess’ midnight power,

‘Though she be the goddess of the hour,

I dressed her in my midnight showers, 

Allowing her petals to absorb every hour.

 The lights from within the cloak of the night made promise that her roots were never out of sight,

Burned deep within the midnight blooming,

Wrapped around the core with the purity of seduction,


The goddess of the hour pursued her dreaded seducing,

 The midnights flower rooted within me,
Mesmerized by the goddess of the hour,

Her seducing became my midnight shower,

Releasing her painless rain upon my flower, 

She sighed as her rain mixed with my shower,

I silenced the lights as we hummed in silence; 

For I was hers from then and forever after.


~ My addiction 


Scarlet Woman

I hear the muffled cries of her lips which she uses to mistakenly display her heart but not her soul.Does she not know that a man redeemed lies within me?

Does she not know that my ears are keen to the vibration of deceit?

I lightly speak to the lips that are muffled, “My brother who loves me loves me because He died for me, my brother who loves me loves me because He lives for me,my brother who loves me loves me because He corrects me, but you? You began to whisper your love for me. Who hears a whisper my friend, without it becoming corrupt? You began to voice your love for me but tell me, 

What good is a voice with no voice? Yet, you love me? You love me but you will not gain a scratch for me. A man who loves loves unconditionally, even foolishly a man who loves his brethren shall perish for his brother,and the perished is blessed.”

Her lips that are scarlet began to quiver, the pain on her face began to drip, and she cries out to me with outstretched hands, “You must understand my love that I love you. I love you more than myself.”

“No scarlet woman it is not I that you love at all. You, scarlet woman, love no man. How could you when you love not yourself? It is not I that you love but my temple, it is not I that you love but my words, — even now as they disarm you, you fawn at each sentence. It is not I that you love, but that which I promise. It is not I that you love but the care I give you. No scarlet woman it is not me that you love.”

“Perhaps,” I pause in thought as I stare at her scarlet lips, “it is not you that does not love me, but I who does not love you. For I surely will not spill a tear at your departure. I will not gravel for the affections of your heart. I will not bargain for the purity of your soul,after all purity is the choice of every man. Most certainly I will not perish for you. 

Yet, I will care for you attentively, I will wash your lines of worry from your brow.

I will show you the depth of loving,I will be a silent listener as your lips pour your troubles,and in this I will have shown you the love of a friend. As time furthers itself and nurtures its passengers I will ready myself to lie down my life for you, but perish in your sake I will not.”

The scarlet woman’s lips began to crust over covered in dark liquid as her eyes swam to the gray beyond the light, the liquid parts and begins to mumble, 

“Lie down your life to me…..is that all? You will not perish for me? Am I not worth perishing for? You offer me a fine friendship,but I have pleaded solely for you alone. I ask not for the teaching of love, I ask not for attentive care, and I ask not for you to gravel. I merely desire you. I lie on my perishing bed, all you offer me is your life for mine. How does that better me….how is your life beneficial to me?”

“You scarlet woman is the finery of foolishness. I offer you what any wise man hoped for and you refuse my offer. I will perish not for the sake of false love, I will perish not for the corrupted foolishness of a scarlet woman. Your lips leak toxic and your mouth moans venom. I offer my life for yours because peace is with me and you scarlet woman is troubled. Make peace before you drown in your liquid.”

“Perish not for foolishness, but die for one another.”

Does she not know that my ears are keen to the vibration of deceit. The Poetic Mind


The word passion is often mistaken for something fiercely loved or an unwavering devotion, but it’s a common definition for those who suffer from the tragedy of having a simple mind. A simple mind is not one that is solely dumb, but it is one that cannot think outside of what it is trained to think nor is it able to process more than what it has already processed. To be passionate or to have passion is not simply love or devotion but to be consumed. It’s more than a mere admiration and it overwhelms the sense of “obligation”. Never mistake it for either of those simple words, for it is consuming. It consumes the soul as fire does gasoline. Passion is what drives a said madman to be mad, after all is not the reason for the consideration of being mad is that one has the tendency to solely focus on one thing and once it has failed often enough the nature to try again is still there? Passion is what drives great athletes to be great, their time is consumed with the passing of being “fit” and an expert in their field of sports. Passion is the soul of greatness. Passion is what drives determination. Passion is not soft, it is not angelic. Passion is fierce, it’s possessive. Passion is what you teach your children to fear. Only the bold minds have the heart to claim the throes of passion.


It is the rage of two great waters warring against one another and fiercely battling the tides of the moon. Connection could be no greater yet they were of no blood.

Stars taunted them as they danced fleetingly across the skies, as if daring them to allow their lashes to rest as their hearts made their sincerest wishes. 

Their gods meshed together as does the hands of the clock when midnight strikes,

Hoping to never part but to be frozen -as does the dark when it soothes the night.


The world never seemed to “tock” for every passing second the rages of the water rocked harder against the tide.

The rhythms of their souls shamelessly dances in the night, 

Joyous and saddened at the coming of the light.

There is no pounding only the soothing rushing of their hearts, one pound led the other

What life the other brought.



They finally heard the tock, 

The waters had quieted their raging against the pull of the alluring tide,

The stars had stopped dancing, they assumed the music had suddenly quieted.

The hands of the midnight hour has discovered a new resting spot,

No longer was time frozen nor did the dark sooth the night,
 For time had finally ceased the rhythms of their hearts.


I take your hand and follow you blindly into the heart of the wilderness…you can be my loved deception;The depth of the stars is endless yet it begins every time my lover takes the lead,

I hear the whispers of the trees and the disgruntlement of the leaves as the wind blow….and my lover continues to lead,

I wander aimlessly still hand in hand with my leading deception…we are more gentle than a babes caress,

I feel the ground shake with distaste as my lover stops and the beat of my pulse quickens….i know why we have stopped,

The origin of star crossed lovers is the depth of the stars…every time we lovers meet it becomes more bittersweet,

I plant a kiss on my lovers forehead an innocent gesture but as well heart felt,

We are as complex as a forehead kiss sweet and simple but so much lies beyneath the simple caress…are we not as gentle?

We are as the stars burning flames and bright…we are what the wilderness boast in the shadows of the night…,

Now my lover takes my hand and follows me blindly deeper into the heart of the wilderness… I will be your loved deception…since we are the essence of a forehead kiss.

The Reign 

My brothers and sisters,Fathers and sons, 

Mothers and daughters,

For all of the souls that blessed the lands before us,
Allow me to kneel before you and apologize for all the traumatic horror that my brothers and sisters are causing,
Thinking that they have found a system to establish a life in,

Killing one another and destroying the hope that you all blessed our souls with,
Sleeping within the covers of a poisonous system,

Brainwashed by the “FREEDOM” that the system keeps preaching,
My brother and sisters,

Friends, Sons and Daughters,

Wake up from the spell that the wicked ones have cursed this land with,
Our Father has warned us if the sheep in wolves clothing, 

My brothers and sisters don’t become the victim of a system,

Don’t be the flesh that the wolves sink their fangs in,

Helios Biblos, 

“The Sun Book”

Know your history my people and know what you put your faith in,
Idolizing gods and man, 

Worshipping the image of fame, riches, and sin,

Don’t read me wrong my brothers and sisters, 

I understand,

I understand the desire to make it,

I understand the desire to be known,

But the price of soul verses the price of who are,
It’s no longer considered gold,
To be alert is to be alive and in order to be alive I encourage you to thrive,

Thrive my brothers and sisters in the competition to reign,
To reign and accomplish the dream of being the the change that the people need –that our people need,
Let us no longer be “you and I”, but 

“I and I”

 My brothers and sisters, 

Step from the shadows of ignorance 

And crown thyself with consciousness of the light,

Embrace the priesthood,


Kings and Queens.